Dinners at 4:30


Thanks for checking out the first game to be published by No Echo Games!  It’s called “Dinner’s At 4:30” and below are descriptions of the game, as well as some of the artwork that will appear in the game.  If this looks like something you’d like to play whether with your friends or family then please support us by becoming a game backer on Kickstarter when we go live later this year.  Thanks for checking out the game and feel free to ask questions!

We are completely revamping the game as we previously made it.  Before we made a game that was very simplistic… too simplistic.  We went back to the drawing board and walked away with an idea that allowed us to take the game we made and change it into a Deck-Building type of game.  The premise will be that you have to get your elderly character through the routine of their day, moving throughout the board to attain each objective.  You’ll build your deck by using “Snacks” and “Gruff”!  You will buy new cards with Snacks, and using your surly Gruff you’ll pass your way through each room you have to reach.  You’ll be able to hinder and slow down your opponents along the way, all to get to the best seat in the cafeteria where only one dark soul stands in your way.  Of course we’re talking about Gladys.  Victory goes to whoever can best Gladys in her surliness to take your rightful throne next to the window seat!  This game is going to be a ton of fun and Deck-Building fans will love everything about this game, so check back often to get updates and see when we are going to relaunch our next Kickstarter campaign!

Here is some of the artwork that is going to be included in this game:



Owen says – “Get the game you pansy.  We’re having cabbage rolls tonight.”