***GEN CON***

Well I’ve made it to GEN CON and I can’t wait for the next few days. I haven’t written anything in awhile on this blog page but I’ve been taking some time reflecting on the games I’m trying to make and how I want to approach everything. I went to the Origins Convention this year in June and it was great and I know GEN CON will be even better! There are so many great games that are being made and I’ve signed up for a ton of classes as well to help me become the designer I want to be. I’ve redone Dinner’s at 4:30 from its original conception and even after changing the game into a deck-building type of game I’m still working with it to see if I can make it even better. I want to really develop the process of making great games, but even though I haven’t been posting regularly like before I am going to start back up after the convention, but I have been hard at work in some other areas, in fact I’ve been working on something BIG that is coming along really well and have a team working on this new project. If you’re discovering my webpage and gaming company for the first time then please come back often and follow me on the usual social websites. Thanks everyone and I’ll post some pics and stuff on FB and hopefully this website very soon! If you’re new be sure to sign up for our newsletter, it’s going to start coming out reguarly once this convention is over. Thanks everyone!

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