Throw out the wine…

A movie that I had watched in school, many years ago, was called “The Agony and the Ecstasy”.  The movie starred Charlton Heston as Michelangelo, the famous painter who had painted the Sistine Chapel, commissioned by the pope at the time.  In the movie Michelangelo has begun work on the chapel, and had gotten quite far, and yet his character just didn’t like what he had done.  He ignored this feeling and kept going until in one scene he is at a restaurant/pub, whatever they called them in those days and he is having dinner and orders a glass of wine.  The owner brings him the wine and Michelangelo takes a sip only to immediately spit it out.  He turns to the owner and says, I’m paraphrasing here, “The wine has turned sour,” which the owner replies, “If it’s sour then it must be thrown out”, and then he promptly begins to smash the wine casks that contain the sour wine so that no one will drink it, except for the few alcoholics in the room who leap to the floor to begin drinking it.

That scene had always stuck with me and I never really knew why.  It’s one of the few scenes I can remember from the movie and yet in the past months it has run through my head so many times.  I know why.  Metaphorically I have created my own wine and it has indeed turned sour.  I’m left with a few options, continue to drink it and try to force others to drink it as well, or do what I should have done awhile ago, the sour wine must be thrown out.

When I began going down the road of making a board game I was naive beyond measure.  I’m a visionary type of person, in that I can see the end result very clearly but don’t see the rock in front of foot.  I knew the end goal and decided I would make it there no matter what without bothering to really stop, and I mean really stop and look to see the path of least resistance.  This is why I am here today ready to throw out the game I’ve made because it’s turned sour.

Through a lot of conversations, reading books like Jamey Stegmair and others, and a lot of self-reflection I have identified the things that I have done so poorly in preparing a game for consumer use as well as done poorly in preparing for a Kickstarter campaign.  What I’m hoping to do in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years, is make some fantastic games that people will love while being able to share with other new creators and entrepreneurs.

The first step in starting over like Michelangelo is to start creating my first game in a new way.  I’m already well under way on this and the game is coming together very nicely.  I’m building a prototype of a game that isn’t just a game, it’s a game that’s a lot of fun, something I couldn’t really claim before.

I want to invite anyone who is interested in this journey to come along!  I’m going to post here more regularly, already throwing out my old blog posts to start fresh, and hope to share the failures and successes I have.  I’m hoping as well that others will share their thoughts and ideas and create a community of readers who feel supported in starting out in their own journey of creation.

My goal and vision have remained the same, I can still see the end of the road very clearly, but now I’m not watching it as I move, instead I’m seeing the big rocks in front of me and moving around them to find the smoother path.

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